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  • 年份:1994地区:中国香港类型:犯罪
  • 状态:HD / 01-04
  • 主演:张国强,黄光亮,黄锦燊,黄宝媚,刘家荣
  • 导演:刘家荣
  • 简介:励志的英文句子简短的  1、愿君学长松,慎勿作桃李。  Wish you loose for seniors, 详细 >


励志的英文句子简短的  1、愿君学长松,慎勿作桃李。  Wish you loose for seniors, and be careful not to be.  2、未遭拒绝的成功决不会长久。  Success has not been rejected never long.  3、不同的信念,决定不同的命运!  Different beliefs, different decision destiny!  4、只做第一个我,不做第二个谁。  I'm first, who do the second.  5、水只有碰到石头才能碰出浪花。  Only to bump up against a stone water spray.  6、好好的管教你自己,不要管别人。  Good discipline yourself, not other people.  7、人生的意义就在于人的自我完善。  The meaning of life lies in people's self perfection.  8、一旦有了意志,脚步也会轻松起来。  Once you have the will, the pace will ease up.  9、理想的路总是为有信心的人预备着。  The ideal way is to prepare the people have confidence.  10、要无条件自信,即使在做错的时候。  Unconditional confidence, even in the wrong time.  11、没有糟糕的事情,只有糟糕的心情。  No bad thing, only a bad mood.  12、勤奋是成功之母,懒惰乃万恶之源。  Diligence is the mother of success, idleness is the root of all evil.  13、人生谁无少年时,甜苦酸辛各自知。  Life no teenager, sweet bitter suanxin their knowledge.  14、仰天大笑出门去,我辈岂是蓬蒿人。  Out laughing, I Basil how people.  15、不甘心失去就要去努力争取不是吗。  Not willing to lose to strive for right.  16、不经一番寒彻骨,怎得梅花扑鼻香?  Without a cold biting cold, how fragrant plum blossom?  17、成功者绝不放弃,放弃者绝不会成功。  Winners never quit, quitters never win.  18、你一天的爱心可能带来别人一生的感谢。  You may bring a day of love life thanks to others.  19、生命不是要超越别人,而是要超越自己。  Life is not to surpass others, but to go beyond their own.  20、我自信,故我成功;我行,我一定能行。  I am confident that I can succeed; I can do it.  21、灵魂在求知中净化,信念在事业中升腾。  Purification of the soul in the quest for knowledge, belief in the cause of rising.  22、环境不会改变,解决之道在于改变自己。  The environment will not change, the solution is to change their own.  23、最热烈的火焰,冰封在最沉默的火山深处。  The most warm flame, frozen in the depths of the silent volcano.  24、为了明天的希望,让我们忘了今天的痛苦。  For the hope of tomorrow, let us forget today's pain.  25、最不会利用时间的人,最会抱怨时间不够。  Most people will not use the time, most will complain about the time is not enough.  26、每个人都有错,但只有愚者才会执迷不悟。  Everyone has mistake, but only fools.  27、目标不是都能达到的,但它可以作为瞄准点。  The goal is not all that can be achieved, but it can be used as a target.  28、生活不是林黛玉,不会因为忧伤而风情万种。  Life is not Lin Daiyu, not because of sadness and customs.  29、不要在乎别人的眼光,这样我们会生不如死。  Don't care about others, so we will die.  30、如果可以重新活一次,每个人都将是成功者。  If you can live again, everyone will be successful.  31、流水在碰到抵触的地方,才把它的活力解放。  Water in the conflict in the place, only to the liberation of its vitality.  32、一个人幸运的前提,其实是他有能力改变自己。  The premise of a person lucky, in fact, he has the ability to change their own.  33、真理,在婴儿的沉默中,不在聪明人的辩论里。  Truth, in the infant's silence, is not in the wise man's argument.  34、自律可以帮助你做你不想做但又必须做的事情。  Self discipline can help you to do what you don't want to do but have to do.  35、我不知道将来会去何处但我知道我已经在路上。  I don't know where I'm going, but I know I'm on my way.  36、意志坚强的人,他的世界充满着无限的可能性。  A man of strong will, his world is full of infinite possibilities.  37、一个人是在对周围生活环境的反抗中创造成功的。  A man is created in the resistance of the surrounding living environment.  38、成功的秘诀是努力,所有的第一名都是练出来的。  The secret of success is hard, the first place is all out of practice.  39、可以失败,不可以失志;可以失望,不可以绝望。  Can fail, can not be lost, can be disappointed, can not despair.  40、我从不怀疑自己的能力,只怀疑自己有没有努力。  I never doubt my ability, only doubt I have no effort.  41、只要充分相信自己,没有什么困难可以足够持久。  If fully believe in yourself, not what can be durableenough.  42、坚强是成功者的通行证,懦弱是失败者的墓志铭。  Strong is the success of the pass, weakness is the failure of the epitaph.  43、别说你最爱的是谁,人生还很长,无法预知明天。  Don't you love who, life is still very long, cannot predict tomorrow.  44、真正伟大的人,是由行动使他人见识其不凡之处。  Truly great man is by the action to make others see its excellences.  45、你要做的就是让成功的速度大于父母老去的速度。  You have to do is let the success rate is greater than the speed of the old parents.  46、无论做什么,记得是为自己而做,那就毫无怨言。  No matter what you do, remember that you do it for yourself, then you will not complain.  47、生活就像海洋,只有意志坚强的人,才能到达彼岸。  Life is like an ocean, only the strong willed can reach the other shore.  48、我要努力,以最好姿态出现在当初否定我的人面前。  I want to work with the best attitude in front of me in the original negative.  49、要跟成功者有同样的结果,就必须采取同样的行动。  With successful people have the same result, we must take the same action.  50、只要能收获甜蜜,荆棘丛中也会有蜜蜂忙碌的身影。  As long as they can harvest sweet thorns also were busy bees.  51、给事物赋予什么样的价值,人们就有什么样的行动。  Things to give what kind of value, people will have what kind of action.  52、只有经历地狱般的磨练,才能炼出创造天堂的力量。  Only through the hellish hone, can make the power to create heaven.  53、不要问别人为你做了什么,而要问你为别人做了什么。  Don't ask what others do for you, ask what you do for others.  54、上帝从不埋怨人们的愚昧,人们却埋怨上帝的不公平。  God never complain about people's ignorance, it is unfair to blame god.  55、我们的目的是什么?是胜利!不惜一切代价争取胜利!  What is our purpose? Is the victory! Victory at all costs!  56、收获是事业的雨量计;聚集着奋斗者洒落的每滴汗珠。  The harvest is the cause of the rain gauge; gather every drop of sweat on the struggle.  57、幸运并非没有恐惧和烦恼;厄运并非没有安慰与希望。  Prosperity is not without fear and worry; and adversity is not without hope and comfort.  58、真正的人生,只有在经过艰难卓绝的斗争之后才能实现。  Real life, only after a difficult struggle to achieve.  59、盆景秀木正因为被人溺爱,才破灭了成为栋梁之材的梦。  Bonsai show wood because of being spoiled, it lost to become the pillar of the dream.  60、对于每一个不利条件,都会存在与之相对应的有利条件。  For each adverse condition, there is a favorable condition for the existence of the opposite.  61、志坚智达言信行果,失败的尽头是成功努力的终点是辉煌。  It failed at the end of kin is trustworthy in word and resolute in action, success is the end of glory.  62、通向梦想的路上的确有一道高墙,但它只阻挡不够热爱的人。  There is a high wall, but it is not enough to love.  63、同在一个环境中生活,强者与弱者的分界就在于谁能改变它。  In an environment of life, the boundaries between the strong and the weak lies in who can change it.  64、人的一生总会面临很多难以抉择的单选题,得与失是并存的。  The life of people always face many difficult choices RadioButtonList, gain and loss coexist.  65、每一个成功者都有一个开始。勇于开始,才能找到成功的路。  Every successful person has a beginning. The courage to start, to find a way to success.  66、最好的改变方式,是我们跟内在力量沟通,然后它会改变我们。  The best way to change is to communicate with the inner power, and then it will change us.  67、一个真正想成功的人是勤奋与努力的,而不是躺在床上说大话。  A truly successful person is with hard work, instead of lying in bed lying.  68、在真实的生命里,每桩伟业都由信心开始,并由信心跨出第一步。  In real life, every great cause is made up of confidence, and confidence is the first step.  69、请一定要有自信。你就是一道风景,没必要在别人风景里面仰视。  Be sure to have confidence. You are a landscape, there is no need to look up in other people's scenery.  70、只要是辛勤的蜜蜂,在生活的广阔原野里,到处都可以找到蜜源。  As long as hard bees, in fields of life, can be found everywhere nectar.  71、只要不把自己束缚在心灵的牢笼里,谁也束缚不了你去展翅高飞。  As long as you don't put yourself in the mind of the cage, no one can tie you to fly.  72、在生活中示曾做过任何傻事的人,决不象他自己想象得那么聪明。  In life show has done anything stupid people, never as his imagination so clever.  73、爱的到可以使人忘记一切,却又小到连一粒嫉妒的沙石也不能容纳。  That love can make people forget everything, but even a small grain of envy also can't accommodate.  74、即使脚步下是一片岩石,它也会迸发出火花,只要你拿起铁锤钢钎。  Even though the pace is a piece of rock, it will spark, as long as you pick up a hammer drill rod.  75、即使行动导致错误,却也带来了学习与成长;不行动则是停滞与萎缩。  Even action leads to mistakes, but it also brings learning and growth; inaction is stagnation and atrophy.  76、懒惰像生锈一样,比操劳更能消耗身体;经常用的钥匙,总是亮闪闪的。  Sloth like rust, consumes faster than labor wears; often used key is always bright.  77、我们穷人要翻身,没有理由讲辛苦;我们穷人要翻身,没有理由讲兴趣。  We have to stand up for the poor, there is no reason to speak hard; we have to stand up for the poor, there is no reason to be interested in.  78、阻止你前行的,不是人生道路上的一百块石头,而是你鞋子里的那一颗石子。  To prevent you from going on, not the one hundred stones on the road of life, but the stone in your shoes.  79、宁愿跑起来被拌倒无数次,也不愿规规矩矩走一辈子,就算跌倒也要豪迈的笑。  Would rather run was tripped several times, rather than the rules for a lifetime, even if the fall also proud smile.  80、很多时候,人并不是因为失败而烦恼;而是因为失败后找不到任何借口而烦恼。  A lot of times, people are not because of failure and trouble; but because of failure to find any excuse and trouble.城中发生一宗谋杀案,案中死者为一名精神科医生,警方估计杀人的动机,是有人想隐藏一些事实.即将结婚的Mike(张国强饰),是一名年青干探,他接手调查此命案.但在追查过程中发现自己竟与命案扯上关... 展开全部


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