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  • 年份:2019地区:其它类型:纪录
  • 状态:纪录片 / 12-03
  • 主演:哈蒂兹·穆拉托娃,纳齐夫·穆拉托娃,侯赛因·萨姆,柳特维·萨姆
  • 导演:塔玛拉·科特夫斯卡,卢博·斯特法诺夫
  • 简介:鲜黄衣袂点缀马其顿偏乡的荒芜,与悬崖上野生蜂蜜琼浆的金黄相辉简短励志的英文句子?  1、事常与人违,事总在人为 详细 >


鲜黄衣袂点缀马其顿偏乡的荒芜,与悬崖上野生蜂蜜琼浆的金黄相辉简短励志的英文句子?  1、事常与人违,事总在人为。  Things often contrary to people, things always in the.  2、失败的是事,绝不应是人。  Failure is a matter, should not be a person.  3、烈火试真金,逆境试强者。  Fire is the test of gold, adversity of strong.  4、胜利,是属于最坚韧的人。  Victory belongs to the most tenacious.  5、积土而为山,积水而为海。  Accumulation of soil for the mountains, water and for the sea.  6、暗自伤心,不如立即行动。  Secretly sad, not as immediate action.  7、经验是由痛苦中粹取出来的。  Experience is the extract of suffering.  8、未遭拒绝的成功决不会长久。  Success has not been rejected never long.  9、你能做到的,比想像的更多。  You can do more than you can imagine.  10、成功,往往住在失败的隔壁!  Success, often live in the failure of the next door!  11、只要路是对的,就不怕路远。  As long as the road is right, is not afraid of the road.  12、人生就像爬坡,要一步一步来。  Life is like climbing, step by step.  13、人若勇敢就是自己最好的朋友。  If you are brave, you are your best friend.  14、不论成功或失败,皆存乎自己。  No matter success or failure, you will keep on your own.  15、不要让安逸盗取我们的生命力。  Don't let the comfort of our life.  16、有志不在年高,无志空活百岁。  Where there is a will not be high, there will be hundreds of years old.  17、只有不快的斧,没有劈不开的柴。  Only a bad ax, there is no chopping firewood.  18、你比那些躺在坟墓里的人都有希望!  You are better than the people who lie in the grave!  19、成功并非重要的事,重要的是努力。  Success is not an important thing, it is an important effort.  20、选择自己所爱的,爱自己所选择的。  Choose what you love, and love what you choose.  21、不经一番寒彻骨,怎得梅花扑鼻香?  Without a cold biting cold, how fragrant plum blossom?  22、要无条件自信,即使在做错的时候。  To unconditionally confident, even when you are wrong.  23、不为失败找借口,只为成功找方法。  Not to find an excuse for failure, only to find a way to success.  24、骏马是跑出来的,强兵是打出来的。  The horse is running out, therefore is playing out.  25、自己选择的路,跪着也要把它走完。  Their choice of road, kneeling also want to finish it.  26、位卑未敢忘忧国,事定犹须待盖棺。  Dared not country, things will still be found.  27、生气是拿别人做错的事来惩罚自己。  Being angry is to punish yourself for what others have done wrong.  28、马行软地易失蹄,人贪安逸易失志。  The horse soft easy to stumble, greedy easy demoralization.  29、永不放弃是你梦想实现的唯一秘诀。  Never give up is the only secret of your dream to come true.  30、不经巨大的困难,不会有伟大的事业。  Without great difficulty, there will be no great cause.  31、去做你害怕的事,害怕自然就会消失。  Do what you fear, and fear that the nature will disappear.  32、生活本是痛苦,是思想和哲理使其升华。  Life is pain, it is thought and philosophy to make it.  33、握手不一定是友谊,指责不一定是敌对。  To shake hands is not to be friendship, blame is not necessarily hostile.  34、忘掉昨日的苦楚,抬头面对明天的太阳。  Forget the pain of yesterday, the rise of the sun in the face of tomorrow.  35、世上只有想不通的人,没有走不通的路。  The only people who can not get through the world, there is no way to go through the road.  36、人的一生全靠奋斗,唯有奋斗才能成功。  One's life is full of struggle, only struggle can succeed.  37、你必须跳下悬崖,在坠落空中生出翅膀。  You must jump off the cliff and give birth to the wings in the air.  38、人生的胜者决不会在挫折面前失去勇气。  The winners of life will never lose their courage in the face of setbacks.  39、对于不屈不挠的人来说,没有失败这回事。  There is no such thing as failure for an indomitable man.  40、年轻是我们唯一有权力去编织梦想的时光。  Youth is the only time we have the power to weave our dreams.  41、为了最好的结果,让我们把疯狂进行到底。  For the best results, let's go crazy for the end.  42、先把鱼网打开,鱼儿才能找到渔网的入口。  The first net open, to find the entrance of fish nets.  43、弱者用泪水安慰自己,强者用汗水磨练自己。  The weak with tears to comfort themselves, the strong with sweat to hone their own.  44、成功从不会放弃任何人,只有你放弃成功罢了。  Success never give up on anyone, only if you give up your success.  45、我死了吗?没有,所以我不能活得像死了一样!  Am I dead? No, so I can't live like a dead one!  46、强者征服今天,懦夫哀叹昨天,懒汉坐等明天。  The conquest of today, coward lamented yesterday, idle waiting for tomorrow.  47、觉得自己做的到和做不到,其实只在一念之间。  Feel that they do and do not, in fact, just at the moment.  48、机会只对进取有为的人开放,庸人永远无法光顾。  The opportunity to progress for people to open, mediocre never patronize.  49、执着追求并从中得到最大快乐的人,才是成功者。  The persistent pursuit of the greatest happiness of the people, is the winner.  50、再好的种子,不播种下去,也结不出丰硕的果实。  A good seed will not sow, nor will it bear fruit.  51、设立目标,然后把目标细化为每一步的实际行动。  Set goals and then refine the goals for every step of the action.  52、美丽的蓝图,落在懒汉手里,也不过是一页废纸。  The beautiful blueprint, falls on the idle hands, but is also a page of paper.  53、勤奋是你生命的密码,能译出你一部壮丽的史诗。  Diligence is the code of your life, and you can translate a magnificent epic.  54、人们总是在努力珍惜未得到的,而遗忘了所拥有的。  People always try to treasure the ones that haven't been, but forget what they have.  55、胜利者往往是从坚持最后五分钟的时间中得来成功。  Winners tend to be successful in the last five minutes of the time.  56、成功毫无技巧可言,我一向只对工作尽力而为而已。  Success is no skill at all, I always do the best I can.  57、幸运并非没有恐惧和烦恼;厄运并非没有安慰与希望。  Happiness is not without fear and worry; adversity is not without comforts and hopes.  58、人的活动如果没有理想的鼓舞,就会变得空虚而渺小。  People's activities, if not ideal, will become empty and small.  59、只会在水泥地上走路的人,永远不会留下深深的脚印。  Will only walk on the cement floor, will never leave deep footprints.  60、海浪为劈风斩浪的航船饯行,为随波逐流的轻舟送葬。  The waves of the ship, for the drift of the canoe funeral.  61、人生有一道难题,那就是如何使一寸光阴等于一寸生命。  Life has a problem, that is how to make an inch of time is an inch of life.  62、自信是走向成功的第一步,缺乏自信是失败的主要原因。  Confidence is the first step to success, lack of confidence is the main reason for failure.  63、获致幸福的不二法门是珍视你所拥有的遗忘你所没有的。  The only proper course to take to gain happiness is to cherish what you have got and forget what you haven't.  64、不论你在什麽时候结束,重要的是结束之後就不要悔恨。  No matter when you end, it is important that you do not regret after the end.  65、微笑是我们心灵的最真诚倾诉,是在困难面前最好的良药。  Smile is the most sincere heart of our hearts, is the best medicine in the face of difficulties.  66、世间成事,不求其绝对圆满,留一份不足,可得无限美好。  The world is done, does not seek its absolute perfection, a lack of, can be infinitely better.  67、两点之间未必直线最短,有时迂回曲折能够更快地抵达终点。  May not be the shortest line between two points, sometimes with many twists and turns faster at the end.  68、人的一生总会面临很多难以抉择的单选题,得与失是并存的。  The life of people always face many difficult choices RadioButtonList, gain and loss coexist.  69、耕耘者最信和过自己的汗水,每一滴都孕育着一颗希望的种子。  Cultivated the most letters and had their own sweat, every drop is pregnant with a seed of hope.  70、漂亮的脸孔是给别人看的,而有智慧的头脑才是给自己利用的。  A pretty face is for others to look at, but the wisdom of the mind is to give their own use.  71、人的一生就像一篇文章,只有经过多次精心修改,才能不断完善。  Person's life is like an article, only after many careful modification, can continue to improve.  72、要成功不需要什么特别的才能,只要把你能做的小事做得好就行了。  You don't need any special talent to succeed, just do the little things you can do.  73、乐观是一首激昂优美的进行曲,时刻鼓舞着你向事业的大路勇猛前进。  Optimism is an impassioned and beautiful music, constantly inspires you to advance the cause of the road.  74、走得最慢的人,只要他不丧失目标,也比漫无目的地徘徊的人走得快。  The slowest person, as long as he does not lose the goal, but also more than the wandering people go fast.  75、在一个崇高的目的支持下,不停地工作,即使慢,也一定会获得成功。  With the support of a noble purpose, working continuously, even slowly, it will certainly be a success.  76、环境永远不会十全十美,消极的人受环境控制,积极的人却控制环境。  The environment will never be perfect, negative people are controlled by the environment, and the active people can control the environment.  77、这个世界不符合所有人的梦想、只是有人学会遗忘,有人却一直坚持。  The world does not meet all people's dreams, but some learn to forget, some people have insisted on.  78、我们穷人要翻身,没有理由讲辛苦;我们穷人要翻身,没有理由讲兴趣。  We have to stand up for the poor, there is no reason to speak hard; we have to stand up for the poor, there is no reason to be interested in.  79、只有奋斗,你才能踏上成功的阶梯,一步一步地走上去,获得最终的胜利。  Only struggle, you can set foot on the ladder of success, step by step to go up, get the final victory.  80、如果缺少破土面出并与风雪拚搏的勇气,种子的前途并不比落叶美妙一分。  If the lack of ground surface and the snow fight with courage, the seed's future is a wonderful than leaves.。喀迪丝是欧洲大地最后一位女采蜂人,与抱病半盲母亲相依为命,依附野蜂为生,坚守「取一半、留一半」黄金定律。游牧民族一家突然欺至,打破宁静生活的不止是七个孩子与一众牲畜的喧闹,还有疯狂掏尽蜂蜜的贪婪,以及破坏生态环境的肆无忌惮。历时三年静观人与蜂和谐共处的隐世生活,以自然曦光与幽微烛照辉映大地,美得教人肃然起敬。获辛丹斯电影节世界纪录片评审团大奖。 展开全部


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