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  • 年份:2022地区:日本类型:喜剧,家庭,日本
  • 状态:更新至01集 / 09-07
  • 主演:饭沼爱,长尾谦杜,真岛秀和,小栗有以,松本怜生
  • 导演:嶋田広野,松田礼人
  • 简介:2007年に舘ひろし、新垣結衣のキャストで実写化された「パパとムスメの7日間」が15年ぶりにリメイクされ1、不 详细 >


2007年に舘ひろし、新垣結衣のキャストで実写化された「パパとムスメの7日間」が15年ぶりにリメイクされ1、不要把今天的事拖到明天。  Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.  2、青春不言输,爱拼才会赢!  Youth never lost, love spell will win!  3、心有多大,舞台就有多大。  How much heart, the stage has much.  4、不经历风雨,怎能见彩虹。  Do not experience wind and rain, how see rainbow.  5、遇难心不慌,遇易心更细。  Dead heart don't panic, encounter heart more easily.  6、从哪里跌倒,从哪里爬起。  Where to fall, climb up from.  7、愿你是阳光,明媚不忧伤。  Wish you are the sun, bright and beautiful is not sad.  8、多一份努力,少一分懒惰。  More effort, less lazy.  9、生活的意义在于有所追求。  The meaning of life is to pursue.  10、青春一经典当即永不再赎。  Youth is a classics never redeem again.  11、耐心候好运,好运常会来。  Fortune often rewards with interest those that have patience good luck.  12、今朝勤学苦,明朝跃龙门。  The present study bitter, Ming yue longmen.  13、不看错不错,只求好不好。  Don't look at the wrong good, just ok.  14、自信就是成功的第一秘诀。  Confidence is the first secret of success.  15、若真修道人,不见世间过。  If I order, see the world.  16、鹰击天风壮,鹏飞海浪春。  Eagle strong wind blow day, peng fly the wave spring.  17、草烂难捆绑,心懒无药方。  Grass lousy hard bound, lazy heart without a prescription.  18、对的,坚持;错的,放弃!  Right, insist on; Wrong, give up!  19、达到重要目标有两个途径。  There are two ways to important goal.  20、我很平凡,但我独一无二。  I am very ordinary, but I am unique.  21、得到时间,就是得到一切。  Get the time, is to get all the.  22、有困难就是表示你还活着。  Have difficulty is said you are alive.  23、人的志向,应崇高而远大。  The aspirations of people, they should be lofty and great.  24、憨厚朴实有碍事业的成功。  Simple and honest simplicity hazardous to career success.  25、要争就能赢,要拼才能赢。  To fight to win, will struggle to win.  26、人的志向,应在千里之外。  Should the aspirations of people, thousands of miles away.  27、自信,我是命运的主宰者。  The masters of self-confidence, is my fate.  28、前方无绝路,希望在转角。  Ahead without difficulty, hope in the corner.  29、得意时淡然,失意时泰然。  When you are cool, poised and frustrated.  30、我们应该老老实实地办事。  We should honestly.  31、镜破不改光,兰死不改香。  Mirror broken do not change, change is not the sweet.  32、如果我想要,我就一定能。  If I want, I can.  33、你永远是最棒的,一定能行!  You are the best forever, must can do it!  34、在哪里跌倒就从哪里爬起来。  Where is the fall from where the climb up.  35、逆境是达到真理的一条道路。  Adversity is a road to truth.  36、我不颓废我只想好好的生活。  I'm not decadent I just want a good life.  37、没有比害怕本身更害怕的了。  No more fear than fear itself.  38、我相信我没偷过半小时的懒。  I believe that I didn't steal lazy half an hour.  39、完美的爱情,是致命的毒药。  Perfect love, it is a deadly poison.  40、耐心和恒心总会得到报酬的。  Patience and perseverance will get paid.  41、不停的专心工作,就会成功。  Concentrate on my work, you will succeed.  42、成功,往往住在失败的隔壁!  Success and failure often live in the next door!  43、天大的烦恼,也要勇敢面对。  Big trouble, also want to brave face.  44、我走得很慢,但我从不后退!  I walked slowly, but I never step back!  45、人各有志,自己的路自己走。  Each to his own, and his own way yourself go.  46、坚持者能在命运风暴中奋斗。  Holdouts to strive in the storm of fate.  47、未遭拒绝的成功决不会长久。  Success is never long not refuse.  48、成功的奥秘在于目标的坚定。  The secret of success is the target firm.  49、不怕别的,有勇气就不放弃!  Afraid of nothing, have the courage to not give up!  50、除了时间,什么也不属于我。  In addition to the time, what also do not belong to me.  51、学习与创造是人生的两只脚。  The study and creation is the life two feet.  52、相信他说的话,但不要当真。  Believe him, but don't take it seriously.  53、没有一回的快乐是无烦扰的。  Happiness is no bother no one.  54、先别去死,再试着活一活看。  Don't go to die, and then try to live a live to see.  55、没有哪种教育能及得上逆境。  No education can and adversity.  56、捧着一颗心,不带半根草去。  Holding a heart, don't take half a piece of grass.  57、成功便是站起比倒下多一次。  Success is up more than down time.  58、领导的速度决定团队的效率。  The speed of the leadership decided to the efficiency of the team.  59、我们可以失望,但不能盲目。  We can be disappointed, but not blindly.  60、走自己的路,让别人说去吧。  Walk yourself's road, let others say.  61、痛苦因为希望和梦想而失色。  Pain because of the hopes and dreams.  62、是铁打的肩膀才抗得起光芒。  Is iron shoulder to light.  63、不要在已成的事业中逗留着!  Don't stay in is a career!  64、行路人,用足音代替叹息吧!  The traveller, with silence instead of sigh!!!!  65、绽放的笑,是我仅存的骄傲。  Bloom smile, is my only pride.  66、敢于梦想,一切将成为可能。  Dare to dream, everything will be possible.  67、耐得住寂寞,才能独上高楼。  Tolerance for solitude, can alone on tall buildings.  68、我们都是虫,可我是萤火虫。  We are all worms, but I'm a firefly.  69、成功来自使我们成功的信念。  Success comes from the belief that we can.  70、经验和毅力,是成功的双足。  Double sufficient experience and perseverance, is a success.  71、没有执行力,就没有竞争力。  Without execution, there is no competition.  72、经验是由痛苦中粹取出来的。  The experience takes out by the essence of pain.  73、科学的基础,是健康的身体。  The basis of science, is a healthy body.  74、宁可自信,也不要盲目悲观。  Would rather confident, also don't blindly pessimistic.  75、若不好到至极,就不算伟大。  If it is bad to the extreme in it's not great.  76、所谓青春,就是心理的年轻。  The so-called youth, is psychology of young.  77、再困难,氧气总是够吸的吧!  Again difficult, oxygen is always enough to suck!  78、勇敢做自己,永远不会太迟。  Brave do yourself, it's never too late.  79、伟大的目标形成伟大的人物。  Great goal to form a great figure.。入れ替わったパパ?恭一郎とムスメ?小梅が元に戻れる日を信じて奮闘する従来のストーリーに加え、意中の健太先輩と結ばれたい小梅と、健太先輩にムスメを奪われたくない恭一郎、そして小梅より恭一郎の性格に惹かれているかもしれない健太先輩という“パパとムスメとカレ”の奇妙な三角関係が繰り広げられる。 展开全部


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