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  • 年份:2020地区:日本类型:动漫电影
  • 状态:动画 / 12-03
  • 主演:富田美优,伊濑茉莉也,井泽诗织,水濑祈,大原沙耶香,稻田彻,喜多村英梨,原奈津子,川田绅司,下山吉光,后藤弘树,武藏真之介,田岛章宽,中务贵幸,中村源太,新祐树,越后屋浩介,坂本真绫,森川智之
  • 导演:小岛正幸
  • 简介:在每一个角落都被探索完毕的世界中,唯一残留的秘境——大洞穴“阿比斯简短英文励志句子  1、没有希望的地方,就没 详细 >


在每一个角落都被探索完毕的世界中,唯一残留的秘境——大洞穴“阿比斯简短英文励志句子  1、没有希望的地方,就没有奋斗。  Where there is no hope, there is no struggle.  2、没有人能令你失望,除了你自己。  No one can disappoint you, except yourself.  3、好好的管教你自己,不要管别人。  Discipline yourself, don't manage others.  4、勤能补拙是良训,一分耕耘一分才。  Is a good training Yifengengyun one only.  5、向往成功的桂冠,就别空费每一天。  To make the crown, don't waste every day.  6、没有糟糕的事情,只有糟糕的心情。  There is no bad thing, only a bad mood.  7、不是你比别人差,只是付出不够多。  Is not worse than others, but not enough to pay.  8、每天告诉自己一次:我真的很不错。  Tell yourself everyday: I'm really good.  9、富人靠资本赚钱,穷人靠知识致富。  The rich rely on capital to make money, the poor rely on knowledge to get rich.  10、业无高卑志当坚,男儿有求安得闲?  No industry in high and low Chi when Kennedy, a man for an idle?  11、一个人炫耀什么,说明内心缺少什么。  A person showing off what the heart is missing.  12、志在山顶的人,不会贪念山腰的风景。  Aim at the top of the mountain, mountain scenery is not greed.  13、躺在被窝里的人,并不感到太阳的温暖。  Lie on the bed, do not feel the warmth of the sun.  14、酸甜苦辣都是营养,成功失败都是经验。  Sour, sweet, bitter, hot are nutrition, success or failure are experienced.  15、困难里包含着胜利,失败里孕育着成功。  Difficult to contain the victory, the success of failure in breeding.  16、成功的秘诀在于坚持自已的目标和信念。  The secret of success is to stick to your goals and beliefs.  17、没有做不成的事情,只有做不成事情的人。  There is no one to do, only those who do not do things.  18、我们若已接受最坏的,就再没有什么损失。  If we have accepted the worst, there is no loss.  19、不宽恕众生,不原谅众生,是苦了你自己。  Do not forgive all sentient beings, do not forgive all sentient beings, is suffering from your own.  20、真者,精诚之至也,不精不诚,不能动人。  True, sincere to also, not fine not sincere, not moving.  21、与积极的人在一起,可以让我们心情高昂。  With the positive people together, can let us be in a high mood.  22、你应感谢每位让你蜕变的人无论方式的好坏。  You should thank every person who let you change the way it is.  23、当天空黑暗到一定程度,星辰就会熠熠闪光。  When the sky is dark to a certain extent, the stars will shine.  24、学习这件事,不是缺乏时间,而是缺乏努力。  Studies this matter, lacks the time, but is lacks diligently.  25、善于利用时间的人,永远找得到充裕的时间。  A person who is good at making use of time will always find time to get plenty of time.  26、以智慧时时修正偏差,以慈悲处处给人方便。  Wisdom from time to time to correct the deviation, to be convenient to people everywhere.  27、有梦就去追,没有梦想的人,灵魂是空虚的。  Have a dream to chase, no dream of the people, the soul is empty.  28、为人服务,其实就是缴付居住在地球上的租金。  To serve the people, in fact, is to pay the rent on the earth.  29、每个人至少拥有一个梦想,有一个理由去坚强。  Everyone has at least one dream, there is a reason to be strong.  30、即使是不成熟的尝试,也胜于胎死腹中的策略。  Even though it is not mature, but also better than abortive strategy.  31、庸人费心将是消磨时光,能人费尽心计利用时间。  Nobody will be able to pass the time, tried to use the time.  32、出发之前,永远是梦想;上路之后,永远是挑战。  Before departure, always dream; after the road is always a challenge.  33、积极思考造成积极人生,消极思考造成消极人生。  Positive thinking leads to positive life, negative thinking leads to negative life.  34、才华是血汗的结晶。才华是刀刃,辛苦是磨刀石。  Talent is the sweat of the crystal. Talent is a blade, hard whetstone.  35、尺有所短;寸有所长。物有所不足;智有所不明。  Everyone has his own advantages; Sometimes an inch may prove long. Things are not enough; wisdom is unknown.  36、所谓天才,那就是假话,勤奋的工作才是实在的。  The so-called genius, that is a lie, it is hard work.  37、经过海浪的一番磨砺,卵石才变得更加美丽光滑。  The waves after a grounding, pebble becomes more beautiful and smooth.  38、要克服生活的焦虑和沮丧,得先学会做自己的主人。  To overcome the anxiety and depression in life, you must first learn to be your own master.  39、我以为挫折、磨难是锻炼意志、增强能力的好机会。  I think setbacks, suffering is a good opportunity to exercise will, enhance the ability.  40、一个有信念者所开发出的力量,大于个只有兴趣者。  A belief in the development of the strength of more than one only interested in.  41、要跟成功者有同样的结果,就必须采取同样的行动。  To have the same result as a successful person, you have to take the same action.  42、行动未必总能带来幸福,但没有行动一定没有幸福。  Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no action must not be happy.  43、当你不再急于否认错误时,你就学到了重要的一课。  You learn an important lesson when you are no longer in the rush to deny it.  44、天下绝无不热烈勇敢地追求成功,而能取得成功的人。  The world no warm courage to pursue success, and the success of the people.  45、不登高山,不知天之高也;不临深溪,不知地之厚也。  Don't climb the mountain, do not know how high the sky is; not a deep river, I do not know of the thick.  46、在我们了解什么是生命之前,我们已将它消磨了一半。  Before we know what life is, we have spent half of it.  47、收获是事业的雨量计;聚集着奋斗者洒落的每滴汗珠。  The harvest is the cause of the rain gauge; gather every drop of sweat on the struggle.  48、当一个人用工作去迎接光明,光明很快就会来照耀着他。  When a man uses his work to meet the light, the light will soon shine on him.  49、生命力的意义在于拚搏,因为世界本身就是一个竞技场。  The life significance lies in the struggle, because the world itself is an arena.  50、只要持续地努力,不懈地奋斗,就没有征服不了的东西。  As long as the persistent efforts, unremitting struggle, there is no conquest of the things.  51、卓越的人一大优点是:在不利与艰苦的遭遇里百折不挠。  Outstanding people is one major advantage: in the negative and hard never yield in spite of reverses suffered.  52、一时的挫折往往可以通过不屈的搏击,变成学问及见识。  A temporary setback can often be unyielding fight, into a knowledge and experience.  53、心存希望,幸福就会降临你;心存梦想,机遇就会笼罩你。  Hope, happiness will come to you; dream, opportunities will envelop you.  54、世上所有美好的感情加在一起,也抵不上一桩高尚的行动。  All the good feelings of the world together, it is not worth a noble action.  55、志坚智达言信行果,失败的尽头是成功努力的终点是辉煌。  It failed at the end of kin is trustworthy in word and resolute in action, success is the end of glory.  56、人生最精彩的不是实现梦想的瞬间,而是坚持梦想的过程。  The most wonderful life is not the moment to realize the dream, but to keep the dream of the process.  57、强大的信心,能克服来自内心的恶魔,产生无往不胜的勇气。  Strong confidence, can overcome the demons, produce invincible courage.  58、你热爱生命吗?那么别浪费时间,因为时间是构成生命的材料。  Do you love life? So don't waste time, because time is the material of life.  59、成功就是当洋溢的生命力突然冲决堤坝而汇入一条合适的渠道。  Success is filled with vitality when suddenly burst into a dam and the right channel.  60、乐观者看到条条都是康庄大道,悲观者看到条条都是此路不通。  Optimists see the roads are broad road, the pessimist sees the roads are this way.  61、要是你的心本来就在燃烧,那么一旦需要,掏出来就可以当火把。  If your heart is burning, then once it is needed, it can be a fire.  62、不能埋怨社会的不公,既然老天没给你你想要的,就要自己去争取。  Can not blame the injustice of society, since God did not give you what you want, you want to fight for their own.  63、成功不是将来才有的,而是从决定去做的那一刻起,持续累积而成。  Success is not in the future, but from the moment it is decided to do it, it will continue to accumulate.  64、出路出路,走出去了,总是会有路的。困难苦难,困在家里就是难。  Way out, go out, there will always be a way. Difficult suffering, trapped at home is difficult.  65、人的生命似洪水在奔流,不遇着岛屿、暗礁,难以激起美丽的浪花。  People's lives in torrential floods may not in islands and reefs, it is difficult to arouse beautiful spray.  66、人生就象一个球,无论如何滚来滚去,总有在一个点上停止的时候。  Life is like a ball, in any case, to roll to roll, there is always a point to stop the time.  67、还能冲动,表示你还对生活有激情,总是冲动,表示你还不懂生活。  Can impulse, that you still have passion for life, always impulsive, said you do not understand life.  68、那脑袋里的智慧,就像打火石里的火花一样,不去打它是不肯出来的。  The wisdom in your head, like the flint in sparks, not to fight it out is not willing to.  69、大部分人往往对已经失去的机遇捶胸顿足,却对眼前的机遇熟视无睹。  Most people tend to have lost the opportunity to beat, but turn a blind eye on the immediate opportunity.  70、在一个崇高的目的支持下,不停地工作,即使慢、也一定会获得成功。  With the support of a noble purpose, work continuously, even if slow, will certainly be successful.  71、做强者,战自卑;攀高峰,胜逆境;增才干,永学习;报效祖国为人民。  Be strong, and climb the peak, overcome inferiority; stress; increase competence and permanent learning; to serve the motherland for the people.  72、心要跟小孩一样,很单纯、很简单,才能很快进步。要简单,但不简陋。  The heart wants to be like a child, very simple, very simple, can be very rapid progress. To be simple, but not simple.  73、忠告:人在生气、烦恼、情绪不稳定是最好不要去作出任何的选择、决定。  Advice: people in anger, worry, emotional instability is best not to make any choices, decisions.  74、幸运之神的降临,往往只是因为你多看了一眼,多想了一下,多走了一步。  Lucky god comes, often only because you take a look at, think about it, take a step.  75、在实现理想的路途中,必须排除一切干扰,特别是要看清那些美丽的诱惑。  In the realization of the ideal way, must eliminate all interference, in particular, to see those beautiful temptation.  76、少说多做,句句都会得到别人的重视;多说少做,句句都会受到别人的忽视。  Shaoshuoduozuo, they will get people's attention; much less said, every word will be ignored.  77、崇高的理想就像生长在高山上的鲜花。如果要搞下它,勤奋才能是攀登的绳索。  A lofty ideal is like a flower that grows on a mountain. If you want to make it, the hard work is to climb the rope.  78、任何为失败找借口的人虽然他的心灵上得到了安慰,但是他将永远的拥有失败。  Any man who has found an excuse for failure, though he has a heart of comfort, but he will always have failed.  79、低调做人,和气为贵,以人性为本,做一个冷静、深沉、含蓄、有修养、有情趣的人。  Low-key life, and the gas for the expensive, human oriented, to do a calm, deep, subtle, cultured, have fun.  80、没有人陪你走一辈子,所以你要适应孤独,没有人会帮你一辈子,所以你要奋斗一生。  No one to accompany you for a lifetime, so you have to adapt to the lonely, no one will help you a lifetime, so you have to struggle for life.  81、障碍与失败,是通往成功最稳靠的踏脚石,肯研究利用它们,便能从失败中培养出成功。  Obstacles and failures, is the most stable to the success of stepping stone, willing to study and use them, they can develop a successful failure.。 不知道延续到何方,深不见底的巨大纵向洞穴, 栖息着奇妙奇怪的生物们, 沉眠着现在的人类无法制造的贵重遗物。 “阿比斯”那充满了不可思议的姿态吸引了人们,并驱使人们展开冒险。 如此,多次挑战大洞穴的冒险者们, 陆续得到了“探窟家”的名号。 住在建造于阿比斯边缘的城镇“奥斯”的孤儿莉可, 梦想着有朝一日成为母亲那样伟大的探窟家,并解开阿比斯的谜团。 某天,以母亲莱萨的白笛被发现为契机, 莉可决定潜入阿比斯深处。 被莉可捡到的丧失记忆的机器人雷格, 也为了寻找自己的记忆而决定同行。 莉可在深界四层中了穿弹兽的毒。 救了莉可的,是“生骸”娜娜奇。 娜娜奇也成为两人的同伴,三人的冒险向着波多尔多所在的深界五层进发。 在那里,他们遇到了一位自称为普鲁修卡的女孩子…… 展开全部


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