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  • 年份:2013地区:中国大陆类型:剧情,爱情,家庭,国产
  • 状态:完结 / 03-10
  • 主演:宋丹丹,周冬齐,张洪杰,傅晶,姜妍,傅迦,王阳,任重,曾泳醍
  • 导演:赵晨阳
  • 简介:老米(张洪杰 饰)和妻子吴秀文(宋丹丹 饰)两口子结婚多年,共同经营一间小小的照相馆,平日里虽然少不了小吵小闹 详细 >


老米(张洪杰 饰)和妻子吴秀文(宋丹丹 饰)两口子结婚多年,共同经营一间小小的照相馆,平日里虽然少不了小吵小闹,但感情始终如励志的优美英语句子  1、世上无难事,只要肯登攀。  Nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it.  2、做事不怕难,自无难人事。  Work is not afraid of difficult, since no difficult personnel.  3、少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲。  An idle youth a needy age.  4、今朝勤学苦,明朝跃龙门。  At present, hard work, Ming Yue Longmen.  5、成功的奥秘在于目标的坚定。  The secret of success lies in the firmness of purpose.  6、没有伞的孩子必须努力奔跑。  No umbrella child must strive to run.  7、毅力可以征服任何一座高峰。  Perseverance can conquer any peak.  8、恢弘志士之气,不宜妄自菲薄。  Chester qualities of gas, not improperly belittle oneself.  9、人生就像爬坡,要一步一步来。  Life is like climbing, step by step.  10、机遇永远是准备好的人得到的。  The opportunity is always ready for people to get.  11、人若勇敢就是自己最好的朋友。  If you are brave, you are your best friend.  12、人最可悲的是自己不能战胜自己。  The most sad is that they can not overcome their own.  13、空谈不如实干。踱步何不向前行。  Talk less than work. Why don't you go to.  14、苦难磨炼一些人,也毁灭另一些人。  Some hardships, but also the destruction of others.  15、笛里谁知壮士心,沙头空照征人骨。  Who knows the warrior heart flute in the air as a bone, Sha tau.  16、宁愿辛苦一阵子,不要辛苦一辈子。  Would rather hard for a while, do not work hard for a lifetime.  17、富贵不淫贫贱乐,男儿到此是豪雄。  The poor man is that music is not the purpose of prostitution, Hao xiong.  18、被人嘲笑的梦想,才有实现的价值。  The dream of being laughed at, to realize the value of.  19、登高山务攻绝顶,赏大雪莫畏严寒。  Climbing the mountain is of extremely, admire the snow Mowei cold.  20、命运总是光临在那些有准备的人身上。  Fate always come in those who have prepared.  21、求人不如求己这句话永远是不会错的。  Qiurenburuqiuji this sentence is not always wrong.  22、没有口水与汗水,就没有成功的泪水。  There is no saliva and sweat, there is no success of tears.  23、明天的希望,让我们忘了今天的痛苦。  Tomorrow's hope, let us forget today's pain.  24、忘掉昨日的苦楚,抬头面对明天的太阳。  Forget the pain of yesterday, the rise of the sun in the face of tomorrow.  25、人生没有理想,生命便只是一堆空架子。  Life is not ideal, life is only a pile of shell.  26、自己打败自己的远远多于比别人打败的。  They beat their own far more than others.  27、人的一生全靠奋斗,唯有奋斗才能成功。  One's life is full of struggle, only struggle can succeed.  28、此刻打盹你将做梦,而此刻学习你将圆梦!  This moment will nap you will have a dream but this moment study, you will interpret a dream!  29、别想一下造出大海,必须先由小河川开始。  Don't think about the great ocean starts from a small river.  30、行动是成功的阶梯,行动越多,登得越高。  Action is the ladder of success, the more action, the higher the board.  31、你必须坚强因为没有人会懂你到底有多痛。  You have to be strong because no one will know how much you hurt.  32、真者,精诚之至也,不精不诚,不能动人。  True, sincere to also, not fine not sincere, not moving.  33、打击与挫败是成功的踏脚石,而不是绊脚石。  To strike and defeat is a stepping stone to success, rather than a stumbling block.  34、有志者事竟成,破釜沉舟,百二秦关终属楚。  Weizhizheshijingcheng, will the end of Bai Qin Guan chu.  35、苦心人天不负,卧薪尝胆,三千越甲可吞吴。  Just days, three thousand more hardships, can swallow a wu.  36、成功就是把复杂的问题简单化,然后狠狠去做。  Success is to simplify complex issues, and then hard to do.  37、不管别人脸上有没有饭粒,都请你先照照镜子。  Whatever others face there is no rice, you can first look in the mirror.  38、失败也是我需要的,它和成功对我一样有价值。  Failure is what I need, and it's just as valuable to me as success.  39、青,取之于蓝而青于蓝;冰,水为之而寒于水。  The green, blue and green in blue; ice, water for cold water.  40、山涧的泉水经过一路曲折,才唱出一支美妙的歌。  The mountain spring water after a tortuous road, just sing a wonderful song.  41、这个世界不是因为你能做什么,而是你该做什么。  This world is not because of what you can do, but what you should do.  42、长在我们大脑左右的耳朵,往往左右我们的大脑。  Long in our brains around the ears, often about our brains.  43、谁不曾一意孤行,怒发冲冠过怕只怕少了那份执着。  Who has not been afraid that not persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, without the dedication.  44、并非神仙才能烧陶器,有志的人总可以学得精手艺。  It is not the gods that can burn the pottery, there will always be a man who can learn the craft of fine workmanship.  45、目标和信念给人以持久的动力,它是人的精神支柱。  Goals and beliefs give people a lasting power. It is the spiritual support of the people.  46、树苗如果因为怕痛而拒绝修剪,那就永远不会成材。  Saplings if Patong and refused to trim, you will never grow.  47、痛苦的记忆是泪水洗不净的,只有汗水才能把它冲掉。  The painful memories of tears do not wash the net, only to get it off the sweat.  48、一无所有是一种财富,它让穷人产生改变命运的行动。  Nothing is a treasure, it allows the poor to change the fate of the action.  49、自我要求是迈向成功的捷径,恒心是离成功最短的路。  Self demand is a shortcut to success, perseverance is the shortest way to success.  50、不为模糊不清的未来担忧,只为清清楚楚的现在努力。  Do not worry about the vague future, only for the clear now.  51、人在得意时需沉得住傲气,在失意时则要忍得住火气。  People need to sink up pride in prosperity, in adversity to resist fire.  52、相信朋友的忠诚。相信自己的勇气。相信敌人的愚蠢。  Believe in the loyalty of a friend. Believe in your own courage. Believe in the stupidity of the enemy.  53、乐观者在灾祸中看到机会,悲观者在机会中看到灾祸。  The optimist sees the opportunity in the disaster, and the pessimist sees the disaster in the opportunity.  54、大多数人想要改造这个世界,但却罕有人想改造自己。  Most people want to transform the world, but few people want to change their own.  55、松软的沙滩上最容易留下脚印,但也最容易被潮水抹去。  Soft beach on the most easy to leave footprints, but also most likely to be wiped out by the tide.  56、希望是引导人成功的信仰。如果没了希望,便一事无成。  Hope is a guide to success. If there is no hope, nothing can be done.  57、一件事被所有人都认为是机会的时候,其实它已不是机会了。  One thing is considered to be the opportunity of all people, in fact, it is not a chance.  58、爱什么人,照顾他、保护他、给他自在,才是真正高雅的爱。  To love someone, to take care of him, to protect him, to give him freedom, is the true love of elegance.  59、当你再也没有什么可以失去的时候,就是你开始得到的时候。  When you have nothing to lose, it's time for you to begin to get.  60、艰苦奋斗不仅是历史上的成功宝典,更是现在成功的指引灯。  Hard work is not only the success of history, is now more successful light.  61、用笑脸来迎接悲惨的厄运,用百倍的勇气来应付一切的不幸。  With a smile to greet the tragic fate, with a hundred times the courage to cope with all the misfortunes.  62、惊叹号是勇士滴在攀登路上的血,也是懦夫失望时流淌的泪。  The exclamation mark is the blood of the warriors, and the tears of the coward when they are disappointed.  63、无情岁月增中减,有味青春苦甜。集雄心壮志,创锦绣前程。  Ruthless years, the increase in the reduction, the taste of youth bitter sweet. A bright prospect in lofty ideals and high aspirations.  64、思路决定出路,气度决定高度,细节决定成败,性格决定命运。  Ideas determine, tolerance determines height, the details determine success or failure, decide the fate of character.  65、人若软弱就是自己最大的敌人;人若勇敢就是自己最好的朋友。  Who is his biggest weakness of the enemy; the brave person who is his best friend.  66、从来不跌倒不算光彩,每次跌倒后能再站起来,才是最大的荣耀。  Never falling down is not bright, every time we can stand up again, is the greatest glory.  67、所谓英雄,其实是指那些无论在什么环境下都能够生存下去的人。  The hero, in fact those who are able to survive in what circumstances people.  68、当你觉得没有人来爱你,别人看见的就是可怜兮兮,毫无魅力的你。  When you think that no one to love you, others see is pathetic, no charm you.  69、梦想这东西和经典一样,永远不会因为时间而褪色,反而更显珍贵。  Dreams are like classics, never fade, but grow more precious.  70、世上最重要的事,不在于我们在何处,而在于我们朝着什么方向走。  The most important thing in the world, is not where we are, but in what direction we are moving.  71、那脑袋里的智慧,就像打火石里的火花一样,不去打它是不肯出来的。  The wisdom in your head, like the flint in sparks, not to fight it out is not willing to.  72、顺境的美德是节制,逆境的美德是坚韧,这后一种是较为伟大的德性。  The virtue of prosperity is temperance, the virtue of adversity is tough, which is a great virtue.  73、天才,就其本质而说,只不过是一种对事业、对工作过盛的热爱而已。  The essence of genius, and that is just a kind of work on the cause of the excessive love.  74、人生在世,最重要的不是自己处境如何,而是你如何看待自己的处境。  In life, the most important thing is not how their situation, but how you look at the situation.  75、多数人都拥有自己不了解的能力和机会,都有可能做到未曾梦想的事情。  Most people have their own do not understand the ability and opportunity, are likely to do not dream about.  76、幸运之神的降临,往往只是因为你多看了一眼,多想了一下,多走了一步。  Lucky god comes, often only because you take a look at, think about it, take a step.  77、只有奋斗,你才能踏上成功的阶梯,一步一步地走上去,获得最终的胜利。  Only struggle, you can set foot on the ladder of success, step by step to go up, get the final victory.  78、人有二亩田,白天的一亩田是填饱肚子,晚上的一亩田是耕种自己的未来。  People have two acres of land, an acre of land during the day is to fill the stomach, the night of an acre of land is to cultivate their own future.  79、任何为失败找借口的人虽然他的心灵上得到了安慰,但是他将永远的拥有失败。  Any man who has found an excuse for failure, though he has a heart of comfort, but he will always have failed.  80、只要你想种下美好记忆的种子,便能找到你心灵中的处女地。开垦吧,现在就开始。  If you want a good memory of the seed, will be able to find you in the heart of virgin land. Reclaim it, and now it begins.。可是,谁的生活里没几个烦恼?最令夫妻两人操心的就是家里的两个女儿——米青(傅晶 饰)和米蓝(姜妍 饰)的终身大事,除此之外,吴秀文那年逾四十的妹妹吴丽莎(周冬齐 饰)也依然还是“待嫁闺中”。  对于各自的感情,米青、米蓝和吴丽莎都有着自己的主张,寻找真爱的道路上亦充满了坎坷。米青暗恋多年的老同学李南北(王阳 饰)竟然喜欢上了米蓝,而医生康凯(傅迦 饰)尽管一表人才,却有过一段失败的婚姻。一番波折后,三人最终都顺利步入了婚姻的殿堂,然而,故事还只是刚刚开始而已。 展开全部


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