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  • 年份:2020地区:美国类型:剧情
  • 状态:正片 / 05-18
  • 主演:Heidi,Schreck,Mike,Iveson,Rosdely,Ciprian,Thursday,Williams
  • 导演:玛丽埃尔·海勒
  • 简介:1、我……我想打篮球。——三井寿  Me i...... I want to play basketball. 详细 >


1、我……我想打篮球。——三井寿  Me i...... I want to play basketball.  2、让我们倒在敌人的尸体上。——阿泰斯特  Let's pour over the enemy's body.  3、世界抛弃了我,可还有篮球陪着我。——科比  The world abandoned me, but also basketball with me.  4、我可以接受失败,但无法接受放弃。——乔丹  I can accept failure, but I can't accept it.  5、即使世界抛弃了我,可还有篮球陪着我。——科比  Even if the world abandoned me, but also basketball with me.  6、你永远不要低估一颗冠军的心。——汤姆贾诺维奇  You should never underestimate the heart of a champion.  7、不要换我下场,我死后多的是时间休息。——巴克利  Do not change my fate, I died after more time to rest.  8、我从不惧怕任何对手,只怕对手不够强大。——乔丹  I never fear any opponent, but the opponent is not strong enough.  9、我们这支球队就是为了要夺取总冠军而存在的。——韦德  Our team is in order to win the championship and the existence of.  10、不要轻言放弃,一旦放弃了,比赛就结束了。——安西教练  Don't give up, give up once, the game ends.  11、我不尊重任何人,包括乔丹,因为我要胜利。——雷吉米勒  I don't respect anyone, including Jordan, because I want to win.  12、我把每一场比赛都当作我最后的一场比赛来打。——艾弗森  I play every game as my last game.  13、现在他们确实比我强,但我相信在不久的将来会打败他们。——姚明  Now they are better than me, but I believe that in the near future will defeat them.  14、一周有七天,一天有二十四个小时,我随时可以搞定卡尔。——罗德曼  Seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, I can handle Carle at any time.  15、得分可以让一个人很快乐,但助攻可以让两个人很快乐。——魔术师约翰逊  Scoring can make a person very happy, but assists can make two people very happy.  16、一周有七天,一天有二十四个小时,我随时可以搞定卡尔·马龙。——罗德曼  Seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, I can handle Karl Malone at any time.  17、老头子,你最光荣的时候是代表全日本吗?而我,就是现在了。——樱木花道  Old man, you are the most glorious time on behalf of the whole of Japan? And I am now.  18、我过你就像过清晨的马路,等下我要在这里绝杀你,认住了,是这里。——拉里伯德  I like you too early in the morning of the road, and I want you to recognize lore here, live here.  19、即使几个月没上过球场、但我还有自信,还有在球场上击败每一个人的信心。——欣哲  Even though I haven't been on the pitch for a few months, I still have the confidence and the confidence to beat everyone on the pitch.  20、没有人会给你一切,你要达到目的,就得必须付出,泪、血、汗这三样东西。——加内特  No one will give you everything, you have to achieve the goal, you have to pay, tears, blood, sweat these three things.  21、我认为无论在什么地方,把人和人区别开来的都不是肤色,而是天赋和你流过的汗水。——纳什  I think that no matter where, the people and people are not different from the skin color, but the talent and you flow through the sweat.  22、我不高大,甚至很矮,也没有最好的运动素质,但我会玩命地扑向篮球,因为我爱篮球。——查克·海耶斯  I'm not tall, even very short, there is no movement in the quality of the best, but I will be hard to basketball, because I love basketball.  23、假如有一天我必须爬着离开球场,我也绝对不会让人把我抬出去,没有人能把我抬出去,永远也不可能。——莫宁  If one day I have to crawl out of the stadium, I absolutely will not let people take me out, no one can lift me out, never.  24、球场上的强硬和坚韧,不是和对手近身肉搏,而是能在被打-倒后,站起来以更强硬的姿态予以反击。——泰森·钱德勒  Court of strong and tough, not and opponents in melee combat, but can in beaten - down, stand up with a tougher attitude to be back.  25、篮球,也许你认为这只是一场运动,但我把它当成空气,我每天的呼吸都要靠它,这就是篮球的意义。篮球是生命。——加内特  Basketball, maybe you think this is just a game, but I take it as the air, I have to rely on it every day, this is the meaning of basketball. Basketball is life.  26、我叫特雷西,这不仅仅只是一个名字,我希望有朝一日它也能成为NBA的一个标志,一段传奇,这或许是一个遥不可及的梦想,但我坚信自己有为实现这个梦想而不懈奋斗的动力。——麦迪  My name is Tracy. This is not just a name, I hope one day it can also become the NBA a sign, a legend, perhaps this is a distant dream, but I firmly believe that their promising achieve this dream, but unremitting struggle for power.Heidi Schreck 戏剧的现场百老汇演员制作呈现了美国宪法的多个方面、历史观点和个人经历 展开全部


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