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  • 年份:2017地区:内地类型:爱情
  • 状态:HD / 12-03
  • 主演:冯静恩,刘俊峰,
  • 导演:万世忠,
  • 简介:镇西王府世袭百年,深受百姓敬畏千霞郡主芳龄二十,貌美如花,时常出巡救1、困难是人的教科书。  The trou 详细 >


镇西王府世袭百年,深受百姓敬畏千霞郡主芳龄二十,貌美如花,时常出巡救1、困难是人的教科书。  The trouble is that one textbook.  2、一个今天胜过两个明天。  One today is worth two tomorrow.  3、天下无难事,只怕有心人。  The world is difficult if you put your heart into it.  4、苦想没盼头,苦干有奔头。  Bitter think no hope, hard work look forward.  5、做事不怕难,自无难人事。  Do not afraid of difficult, since there is no difficult personnel.  6、时过境迁,我们都还安好。  Over time, we are all going well.  7、人心对人心,多少是真心。  The heart of the heart, how much is the sincerity.  8、擒龙要下海,打虎要上山。  Escape to the sea dragon, dozen tiger to up the hill.  9、你对我不离、我对你不弃。  You are to me, I to you not abandon.  10、游手好闲会使人心智生锈。  An idle can make the person mind rust.  11、你不怕困难,困难就怕你。  You are not afraid of difficult, difficult is afraid of you.  12、对的,坚持;错的,放弃!  Right, insist on; Wrong, give up!  13、怕走崎岖路,莫想登高峰。  Afraid of bumpy road, the mo want to climb peak.  14、我最需要的就是,你需要我。  I need most is that you need me.  15、你只适合想念,不适合见面。  You only suitable for missing, not suitable for meet.  16、肯承认错误则错已改了一半。  Admitting mistake so it has the half.  17、相濡以沫,不如相忘于江湖。  Dawei, it is better to remembrance.  18、只要路是对的,就不怕路远。  As long as the road is right, is not afraid of road far.  19、等不到换不回的,才叫爱情。  Before the change not to return, is love.  20、穿了几年的鞋,合了别人的脚。  Wear shoes for many years, and the other people's feet.  21、常求有利别人,不求有利自己。  Often benefit others, not to their advantage.  22、不要难过,就当这只是一场梦。  Don't be sad, it's just a dream.  23、爱错我也不放,痛就痛到难忘。  Love I don't put wrong, pain is pain to forget.  24、当你能飞的时候就不要放弃飞。  When you can fly, do not have to give up fly.  25、人若勇敢就是自己最好的朋友。  If a man be brave is her best friend.  26、我会习惯失去你,以各种方式。  I used to lose you, in a variety of ways.  27、当你能梦的时候就不要放弃梦。  When you can dream, do not give up the dream.  28、生气往往会蒙蔽我们的判断力!  Angry tended to be blinded by our judgement!  29、只要有信心,人永远不会挫败。  As long as there is confidence, people will never foil.  30、我姓名顽强,不死就挺胸昂扬。  Hold out a bosom my name, it dies.  31、火绒草的花语是,珍贵的回忆。  Tinder means grass and precious memories.  32、只做第一个我,不做第二个谁。  Only do the first, I don't do the second who.  33、自己选择的路,跪着也要走完。  Your choice of road, kneeling also to go out.  34、喜欢就该珍惜,珍惜就别放弃。  Like the treasure, cherish don't give up.  35、当你能爱的时候就不要放弃爱。  When you can love, do not give up the love.  36、冬天已经到来,春天还会远吗?  Winter has come, can spring be far behind?  37、外面的天亮了,我们的心暗了。  The dawn of the outside, our hearts.  38、只有千锤百炼,才能成为好钢。  Only dental laboratories, can become good steel.  39、你出墙后,确定墙那边有人吗?  After you make the wall, determine the wall someone over there?  40、与其羡慕别人,不如做好自己。  Rather than envy others, do yourself.  41、微笑掩盖悲伤,沉默诠释一切。  A smile conceal sadness, silence explain everything.  42、生容易,活容易,生活不容易。  Born easy, live easy, life is not easy.  43、穷不一定思变,应该是思富思变。  Poor does not necessarily change, should be thought rich thought.  44、如果要挖井,就要挖到水出为止。  If you want to dig Wells, we should dig into the water out.  45、你随便的一说,我却认真的难过。  You just said, but I seriously sad.  46、朝着黎明的方向,在黑暗中前行。  Toward dawn, walking in the dark.  47、过去属于死神,未来属于你自己。  The past belongs to death, and that the future belongs to yourself.  48、原来,你一直陪着我,从未离开。  Originally, you always accompany me, never leave.  49、远处的是风景,近处的才是人生。  The distance is the scenery, life is near.  50、只有不快的斧,没有劈不开的柴。  Only bad axe, not splitting wood.  51、记住一句话:想得太多会毁了你。  Remember a word: think too much, will ruin you.  52、有理想在的地方,地狱就是天堂。  The place which the ideal is in, the hell maybe a heaven.  53、有希望在的地方,痛苦也成欢乐。  The place which hope is in, the pain may becomes happiness.  54、自私自利之心,是立人达人之障。  The selfish heart, is the barrier of made people's got talent.  55、我给了你机会,你却什么都没做。  I gave you a chance, but you didn't do anything.  56、不要轻言放弃,否则对不起自己。  Don't give up speaking out of turn, otherwise sorry oneself.  57、“不可能”只存在於蠢人的字典里。  "Impossible" is to be found only in the dictionary of fools.  58、可以横,可以恨,但不可以不勇敢。  Can cross, can hate, but can't be brave.  59、有些事,想明白了,也就变得淡了。  Some things, want to see, also becomes weak.  60、旧人不及新人美,新人不及旧人悲。  The old one is less than the new man, not as good as the old sorrow.  61、我本轻狂心一颗,奈何岁月如刀割。  My heart this frivolous, and alternative years such as cutting.  62、没有任何人懂你,你只能懂你自己。  No one understand you, you can only understand yourself.  63、等闲莫道故人心,却道故人心易变。  Afford to mo way so the heart, but way so the heart variable.  64、时间会咬人,你不走,会满身伤痕。  Time will bite, you don't go, you will be covered in bruises.  65、只要思想不滑坡,办法总比困难多。  As long as the thought not landslide, way better than more difficult.  66、生气是拿别人做错的事来惩罚自己。  The angry is that taking the other's mistake to punish oneself.  67、选择自己所爱的,爱自己所选择的。  Choose your love, love what you choose.  68、长得漂亮是优势,活得漂亮是本事。  Beautiful is advantage, live beautiful is a skill.  69、一旦有了意志,脚步也会轻松起来。  Once you have the will, the steps will be easier.  70、你过得快不快乐,只有你自己知道。  You too fast not happiness, only you know.  71、不是境况造就人,而是人造就境况。  Not situation makes people, but people make situation.  72、如果爱,请深爱;如不爱,请离开。  If love, please love deeply; If not love, please leave.  73、这一秒不放下,下一秒就会有期望。  Don't put down the seconds, the next second will have expectations.  74、人生充满着期待,梦想连接着未来。  Life is full of expectation, dream connected to the future.  75、官官相护都是狗,定罪只会莫须有。  Bureaucrats shield one another are dogs, conviction will only superficial.  76、不就任何人满意,只求对得起自己。  Not satisfied with just anyone, but to live up to myself.  77、你否定我的现在,我决定我的未来。  You deny me now, I decide my future.  78、如烟往事俱忘却,心底无私天地宽。  Consumed in the past all forget, heart selfless heaven and earth wide.  79、一辈子不长,请原谅所有的人和事。  Life is not long, please forgive all the people and things.  80、发展是硬道理,但硬发展是没道理。  Development is the absolute truth, but it is hard to develop without reason.  81、哪里有意志存在,哪里就会有出路。  Where there is a will, there will be a way out.。郡主善良美貌之名远播,吸引无数贵族子弟不远千里求亲,可惜无一人被相中只好待字闺中。平静的城里突然陆续有数名罪孽深重的男囚在押运途中遭到劫持而失踪,并被弃尸荒野。刹那间,案情轰动全城,人心惶惶,谣言四起,有人说是山中狐妖出没。某日,千霞郡主元千霞与王府护卫总管聂俊私下相会时忽然昏厥。为了拯救郡主的性命,聂俊不惜做出违背自己意愿的事来。可是郡主的病情仍不见好转,反而越来越严重,这时与王府渊源很深的禅安法师来造访,指出郡主只是被人下毒,案子开始慢慢浮出水面。为保护郡主,聂俊与土匪戴云平同归于尽,一对有情鸳鸯就此生死相隔。 展开全部


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