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  • 年份:2014地区:内地类型:综艺
  • 状态:更新至第20211202期 / 08-05
  • 主演:路易,杨乐,张芳
  • 导演:未知
  • 简介:《X诊所》隆重登陆东方卫1、考试,不仅是智力的竞争,更是意志态度精神的竞争。  Examination, is 详细 >


《X诊所》隆重登陆东方卫1、考试,不仅是智力的竞争,更是意志态度精神的竞争。  Examination, is not only the competition of intelligence, but also the spirit of the spirit of the competition.  2、自己的青春自己奋斗,自己的人生自己作主。  Their youth themselves, their own life.  3、面对机遇,不犹豫;面对抉择,不彷徨;面对决战,不惧怕!  In the face of opportunities, do not hesitate; in the face of choice, not a loss; in the face of a decisive battle, not afraid!  4、三年我誓要把高考踩在脚低下!  Three years I vow to step on the foot of the low entrance!  5、没有目标就没有方向,每一个学习阶段都应该给自己树立一个目标。  Without a goal there is no direction, and every learning stage should set a goal for yourself.  6、不是抓紧每一分钟学习,而是抓紧学习的每一分钟。  Not to seize every minute to learn, but to seize every minute to learn.  7、微笑面对高考,创造美好未来。  Smile in the face of college entrance examination, to create a better future.  8、调节好兴奋期,学习一浪高一浪。  Adjust the exciting period, learning a wave of high waves.  9、善待你的爱好,别让它们为学习让路,要让它们替学习服务。  Be kind to your interests, don't let them make way for learning, let them serve for learning.  10、我热爱痛苦,我热爱痛苦。  I love the pain, I love the pain.  11、谁也不能随随便便地成功,它来自彻底的自我管理和毅力。  Nobody can casually succeed, it comes from the thorough self-control and the will.  12、力争上游,龙腾虎跃朝气蓬勃;壮志凌云,你追我赶誓夺第一。  Race to the top, top gun, a scene of bustling activity full of youthful spirit is going to win the first race each other.  13、争分夺秒巧复习,勤学苦练创佳绩。  Every clever review, qinxuekulian success.  14、遇难心不慌,遇易心更细。  Dead heart does not panic, more easily in fine.  15、相信自己,世界上没有不可攀越的高峰。  Believe yourself, nothing in the world can not climb.  16、只有不断地坚持,才能在生活中获得你想要的那部分成功。  Only by constantly, can you get what you want in your life.  17、如果我们想要更多的玫瑰花,就必须种植更多的玫瑰树。  If we want more roses, we must plant more trees.  18、不要自卑,你不比别人笨。不要自满,别人不比你笨。  Do not feel inferior, you are not stupid than others. Don't be complacent, others are not stupid.  19、眉毛上的汗水和眉毛下的泪水,你必须选择一样!  The brow of sweat and tears under the eyebrows, you have to choose the same!  20、体悟好往届高考题,触类旁通。  Good understanding of the previous college entrance examination, by analogy.  21、再露锋芒,宜将剩勇追穷寇;一展鸿图,不可沽名学霸王。  Then the exposed edge should be left up qiongkou Yong; and a bright future, cannot learn the overlord.  22、从容应试,冷静思考,会做的题一题不错。  Take it easy, calm thinking, will do a good title.  23、沉着冷静,周密思考,认真严谨,仔细答卷。  Calm, careful thinking, careful, careful answer.  24、高三不再有,劝君珍惜之。一年之经历,终身之财富。  Three no, I cherish. A year of experience, a lifetime of wealth.  25、只有强者才懂得斗争;弱者甚至失败都不够资格,而是生来就是被征服的。  Only the strong know how to fight; the weak are not even qualified, but are born to be conquered.  26、不要轻言放弃否则对不起自己。  Don't give up or sorry for myself.  27、天天都是一个出发点,每天都有一点提高,每天都有一点收成!  Every day is a starting point, every day a little increase, every day a little harvest!  28、认认真真考试,堂堂正正做人。  Earnest examination, dignified and imposing man.  29、不想当将军的士兵不是好士兵,不想考清华的学生不是好学生!  Don't want to be a soldier is not a good soldier, don't want to take an examination of Tsinghua students is not a good student!  30、再冷的石头,坐上三年也会暖。  Again cold stone, sit three years will be warm.  31、行动是成功的阶梯,行动越多,登得越高。  Action is the ladder of success, the more action, the higher the board.  32、苦干加巧干,本科重点有希望。  Work hard and smart, the emphasis will have hope.  33、超越自己,向自己挑战,向弱项挑战,向懒惰挑战,向陋习挑战。  Beyond ourselves, to challenge their own weaknesses, to challenge, challenge to the lazy, bad habits to challenge.  34、贵在坚持、难在坚持、成在坚持。  Perseverance, hard to adhere to, adhere to.  35、只有比别人更早、更勤奋地努力,才能尝到成功的滋味。  Only has compared to the others early, diligently diligently, can feel the successful taste.  36、作业考试化,考试高考化,将平时考试当高考,高考考试当平时。  Job examination, examination of college entrance examination, will usually test when the college entrance examination, the college entrance examination as usual.  37、灰心生失望,失望生动摇,动摇生失败。  Frustrated and disappointed, disappointed vivid, shaken students failed.  38、计划要细,动手要早,落实要准。计划与目标行动一致。  Plan to be fine, begin early, the implementation should be accurate. Plan and target actions.  39、不逼自己一把,怎么知道你有多优秀。  Don't force yourself, how to know how good you are.  40、人生最大的敌人就是我们自己,让我们超越自我,挑战极限,决胜考场!  The greatest enemy is ourselves, let us go beyond the self, the ultimate challenge, run-off test!  41、让我们将事前的考虑,换为事前的思考和计划吧。  Let us consider the ex ante, and change it into thinking and planning in advance.  42、人易我易,我不大意;人难我难,我不畏难。  People are easy to me, I do not effect; difficult to me, I do not fear.  43、喜迎阴晴圆缺,笑傲风霜雨雪。  Celebrate the moon, face various difficulties and hardships.  44、读书改变命运,刻苦成就事业,态度决定一切。  Study to change the fate of the cause of hard work, attitude is everything.  45、回忆很美,尽管过程艰辛:也许结果总有遗憾,但我们无愧于心。  Memories are beautiful, despite the painstaking process: maybe the results always have regret, but we are worthy of the heart.  46、人生能有几回搏,今日不搏何时搏?  Life can have a few back, today, when the fight?  47、勤是甘泉水,学似聚宝盆。  Diligence is the sweet spring water, like a cornucopia of science.  48、快马加鞭,君为先,自古英雄出少年。  At top speed, as the first monarch, young heroes.  49、不为失败找借口,要为成功找方法。  Not to find an excuse for failure, to find a way to success.  50、不必每分钟都学习,但求学习中每分钟都有收获。  Not every minute of learning, but learning every minute to harvest.  51、端正考风,严肃考纪,振奋精神,考出水平。  Correct the test, serious discipline, spirit, test level.  52、学习与坐禅相似,须有一颗恒心。  Learning and meditation are similar, there must be a star.  53、一点一点地进步,不求贪多。  One point one points to progress, not for you.  54、别想一下造出大海,必须先由小河川开始。  Don't think about the great ocean starts from a small river.  55、努力造就实力,态度决定高度。  Efforts to create strength, attitude determines altitude.  56、努力吧,飞向属于自己的明天!  Work hard, fly to belong to own tomorrow!  57、精神成就事业,态度决定一切。  The cause of mental achievement, attitude is everything.  58、所有的胜利,与征服自己的胜利比起来,都是微不足道。  All the victories, compared with the conquest of their own, are insignificant.  59、山高不厌攀,水深不厌潜,学精不厌苦:追求!  Not object to climb high mountains, deep water submersible patience, patience bitter essence: the pursuit of science!  60、模拟的成绩一定不要成为包袱,成为阴影。  The results of the simulation must not become a burden, become a shadow.。  61、让结局不留遗憾,让过程更加完美。  Let the outcome without regret, to make the process more perfect.  62、只要记分牌上的时间还跳动,就不能轻言放弃。  As long as the scoreboard time beating, we can not give up.  63、有志者自有千方百计,无志者只感千难万难。  Where there is a will do everything possible to own, there are only extremely difficult.  64、人,不能总在弹性限度内活动,要爆发,要超越,才会有质的提高!  People, not always within the elastic limit activities, to break out, to go beyond, will be a qualitative improvement!  65、再长的路,一步步也能走完,再短的路,不迈开双脚也无法到达。  A long way, a step by step can be completed, and then a short road, do not stride feet can not reach.  66、不为失败找理由,要为成功找方法。  Not to find a reason for failure, to find a way to success.  67、信心来自于实力,实力来自于勤奋。  Confidence comes from strength, strength comes from hard work.  68、知识改变命运,勤奋创造未来。  Knowledge changes destiny, industry creates the future.  69、不问收获,但问耕耘!天道酬勤。  Don't ask the harvest, but ask the hard work! God helps those who help themselves.  70、笑看人生峰高处,唯有磨难多正果。  Smile at life peak, only suffering more than.  71、沉着冷静,发挥最佳水平;自信自强,考出优异成绩。  Calm, play the best level; confidence and self-reliance, and test out excellent results.  72、成功需要成本,时间也是一种成本,对时间的珍惜就是对成本的节约。  Success requires cost, time is also a kind of cost, the value of time is the cost of saving.  73、生活不是等待风暴过去,而是学会在雨中翩翩起舞。  Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learn to dance in the rain.  74、博学之,审问之,慎思之,明辨之,笃行之。  Erudite, questioning, deliberative, discernment, and faithful.  75、狠抓基础是成功的基础持之以恒是胜利的保证。  Firm foundation is the foundation of success and perseverance is the guarantee of success.  76、脚踏实地,心无旁骛,珍惜分分秒秒。紧跟老师,夯实基础。  Intentnesses, down-to-earth, cherish every minute. Keep up with the teacher and lay a solid foundation.  77、不放过一点疏漏,不放弃一分希望。  Don't let a little careless, do not give up hope.。在这个健康大过天、全民皆养生的风口浪尖,为你送上更大牌专家,更独特新知,更健康体验,更智慧养生的健康宝典。 展开全部


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