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  • 年份:2022地区:韩国类型:惊悚,恐怖,韩国
  • 状态:完结 / 08-15
  • 主演:尹灿荣,朴持厚,曹怡贤,朴所罗门,刘仁秀,禹志贤
  • 导演:李宰圭
  • 简介:本应平凡的校园,却传出了骇人听闻的事件!最亲近的同学,一个个化为嗜血的僵尸…我们,该何去何从?  描述被丧 详细 >


本应平凡的校园,却传出了骇人听闻的事件!最亲近的同学,一个个化为嗜血的僵尸…我们,该何去何从?  描述被丧尸病毒肆虐的一所高中里与世隔绝的人和想要营救他们的人历经的故经典英文励志句子  1、人生的奋斗目标不要太大,认准了一件事情,投入兴趣与热情坚持去做,你就会成功。  The goal of life is not too much, look for one thing, investment interest and enthusiasm to do, you will succeed.  2、望远镜可以望见远的目标,却不能代替你走半步。  The telescope can see far, cannot take the place of you take half a step.  3、忍别人所不能忍的痛,吃别人所别人所不能吃的苦,是为了收获得不到的收获。  Endure other people can not endure the pain, others can not eat the bitter, it is in order to reap the harvest.  4、只有知道如何停止的人才知道如何加快速度。  Only know how to stop the people know how to speed up.  5、勤奋是成功之母,懒惰乃万恶之源。  Diligence is the mother of success, idleness is the root of all evil.  6、有人在光明中注视着阴影,有人在阴影中眺望着光明。  Some people look at the shadows in the light, and there is a man in the shadow that overlooks the light.  7、一个人有无成就,决定于他青年时期是不是有志气。  A person has no achievement, decided in his youth is not ambitious.  8、为了不让生活留下遗憾和后悔,我们应该尽可能地抓住一切改变生活的机会。  In order not to leave any regrets in life and regret, we should seize every opportunity to change our life as much as possible.  9、教育是人才的娘家,社会是人才的婆家。  Education is the talent 's family, society is her talent.  10、天将降大任于斯人也,必先苦其心志,劳其筋骨。  The day will be down to the great man also, must suffer the labor of their bones.  11、最好的改变方式,是我们跟内在力量沟通,然后它会改变我们。  The best way to change is to communicate with the inner power, and then it will change us.  12、一个人没有钱并不一定就穷,但没有梦想那就穷定了。  A man without money is not necessarily poor, but he has no dream.  13、流水在碰到底处时才会释放活力。  Water at the bottom of the water will be released at the end of the vitality.  14、命好不如习惯好。养成好习惯,一辈子受用不尽。  Life is better than good habits. A good habit, a lifetime ever.  15、成功不是将来才有的,而是从决定去做的那一刻起,持续累积而成。  Success is not in the future, but from the moment it is decided to do it, it will continue to accumulate.  16、树苗如果因为怕痛而拒绝修剪,那就永远不会成材。  Saplings if Patong and refused to trim, you will never grow.  17、人生谁无少年时,甜苦酸辛各自知。  Life no teenager, sweet bitter suanxin their knowledge.  18、真正的领导者,其厉害之处不在于能指挥多少君子,而在于能驾驭多少小人。  The real leader, its powerful place is not to be able to command the number of gentlemen, but to control how many people.  19、成功人的性格:勇敢正直;挑战生活;态度温和;宽厚待人;乐于助人;礼貌谦和;低调做人;自强自立。  Successful people's character: honest and courageous; the challenges of life; mild attitude; generous; willing to help others; modest and polite; a low-key life, self-improvement and self-reliance.  20、人生只有走出来的美丽,没有等出来的辉煌。  Life only come out of the beautiful, did not wait out of the brilliant.  21、能使我们感觉快乐的,不是环境,而是态度。  Can make us feel happy, not the environment, but the attitude.  22、别轻易认输,别总是对自己说没有办法。人生中许多事,只有经历过,苦过,疼过,才能真懂。  Don't give up easily, don't always say no to yourself. Many things in life, only experienced, bitter, pain, can really understand.  23、忘记失败的疼苦,铭记失败的原因。  Forget the pain of failure, bearing in mind the reasons for failure.  24、你比那些躺在坟墓里的人都有希望!  You are better than the people who lie in the grave!  25、追求让人充实,分享让人快乐。  Pursue to enrich people, to share people happy.  26、老要靠别人的鼓励才去奋斗的人不算强者;有别人的鼓励还不去奋斗的人简直就是懦夫。  Always rely on others to encourage people to struggle is not strong; there are other people to encourage people not to struggle is simply a coward.  27、改变,从现在开始;成功,由今天起步。  Change, from now on, success, starting today.  28、勤学的人,总是感到时间过得太快;懒惰的人,却总是埋怨时间跑得太慢。  The studious, always feel that time flies too fast; the lazy people, but always complain that time runs too slow.  29、坚强的信念能赢得强者的心,并使他们变得更坚强。  Strong belief can win the heart of the strong, and make them stronger.  30、贫穷是不需要计划的,致富才需要一个周密的计划,并去实践它。  Poverty is not a plan, it requires a thorough plan to get rich, and to practice it.  31、没有哪种教育能及得上逆境。  There is no education to be able to go up in adversity.  32、时间是个常数,但也是个变数。勤奋的人无穷多,懒惰的人无穷少。  Time is a constant, but it's also a variable. Hardworking people are infinitely many, and those who are lazy are infinitely less.  33、每个人至少拥有一个梦想,有一个理由去坚强。  Everyone has at least one dream, there is a reason to be strong.  34、人生就像骑单车,想保持平衡就得往前走。  Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you have to move on.  35、努力吧,只有站在足够的高度才有资格被仰望。  Work hard, only standing at the height of enough to be eligible to be looked at.  36、如果你想攀登高峰,切莫把彩虹当作梯子。  If you want to climb the peak, do not regard as the rainbow.  37、我自信,故我成功;我行,我一定能行。  I am confident that I can succeed; I can do it.  38、成功的人做别人不愿做的事,做别人敢做的事,做别人做不到的事!  Successful people do not want other people to do things, do people do things, do things others can not do!  39、一蹶不振的弱者只能品尝失败的苦果,只有不屈的奋斗才会赢来胜利的曙光。  Unable to get up after a fall of the weak can only taste the bitterness of failure, only unyielding struggle to win victory.  40、力求上进的人,不要总想着靠谁谁,人都是自私的,自己才是最靠得住的人。  Best man, do not always think by who, people are selfish, oneself is the most reliable man.  41、从来不跌倒不算光彩,每次跌倒后能再站起来,才是最大的荣耀。  Never fall is not glorious, can stand up again after each fall, is the greatest glory.  42、现实是此岸,成功是彼岸,中间隔着湍急的河流,兴趣便是河上的桥,只要行动就可以通过。  The reality is this shore, success is on the other side, intermediate across the fast flowing rivers, interest is the bridge on the river, as long as the action by.  43、人的潜能是一座无法估量的丰富的矿藏,只等着我们去挖掘。  Human potential is an immeasurable wealth of mineral resources, just waiting for us to dig.  44、觉得自己做的到和不做的到,其实只在一念之间。  Feel that they do and not to do, in fact, just at the moment.  45、如果你曾歌颂黎明,那麽也请你拥抱黑夜。  If you ever sing the praises of the dawn, please embrace the night.  46、不知道明天干什么的人是不幸的!  Don't know what to do tomorrow!  47、一个真正想成功的人是勤奋与努力的,而不是躺在床上说大话。  A truly successful person is with hard work, instead of lying in bed lying.  48、成功与否,我们赌的是坚持。在你坚持的时候别人也许就放弃了。你坚持的越久你就越容易成功。  Success or not, we bet is to adhere to. Others might give up when you insist. The longer you stick with it, the easier it will be for you to succeed.  49、年轻是本钱,但不努力就不值钱。  Youth is the capital, but it is not worth the effort.  50、毫无理想而又优柔寡断是一种可悲的心理。  No ideal and irresolute and hesitant is a pathetic psychology.  51、命运总是光临在那些有准备的人身上。  Fate always come in those who have prepared.  52、害怕攀登高峰的人,永远在山下徘徊。  People who are afraid to climb the peak, always hovering in the mountains.  53、只有胜利才能生存,只有成功才有代价,只有耕耘才有收获。  Only victory can survive, only to have the cost of success, only to have the harvest.  54、只有拥有奋斗精神,为自己的目标不懈奋斗,这才是成功的关键。  Only with the spirit of struggle, for their own goals and unremitting struggle, this is the key to success.  55、年轻是我们唯一有权力去编织梦想的时光。  Youth is the only time we have the power to weave our dreams.  56、成功毫无技巧可言,我一向只对工作尽力而为而已。  Success is no skill at all, I always do the best I can.  57、如果你能成功地选择劳动,并把自己的全部精神灌注到它里面去,那么幸福本身就会找到你。  If you can choose to work, and pour yourself into it, then happiness will find you.  58、善待自己,不被别人左右,也不去左右别人,自信优雅。  Be kind to yourself, don't be left or right, don't go to other people, you are confident and elegant.  59、我们唯一的悲哀是生活于愿望之中而没有希望。  Our only sorrow is living in the hope that we have no hope.  60、记住:你是你生命的船长,走自己的路,何必在乎其它。  Remember: you are the captain of your life, take your own way, why care about other.  61、成大事不在于力量多少,而在能坚持多久。  A big thing is not how much power, but how long it can persist.  62、生命太过短暂,今天放弃了明天不一定能得到。  Life is too short to give up today, tomorrow may not be able to get.  63、不下水,一辈子不会游泳;不扬帆,一辈子不会撑船。  The water, never swim; don't sail, never punt.  64、成长,就是逼着你一个人,踉踉跄跄的受伤,跌跌撞撞的坚强。  Growth, is forced to you a person, stumbled injured, stumbled strong.  65、只要持续地努力,不懈地奋斗,就没有征服不了的东西。  As long as the persistent efforts, unremitting struggle, there is no conquest of the things.  66、生活就像海洋,只有意志坚强的人,才能到达彼岸。  Life is like the ocean, only the strong willed person can reach the other shore.  67、昨天下了雨,今天刮了风,明天太阳就出来了。  It was raining yesterday. Today, the wind is blowing. Tomorrow, the sun will come out.  68、你经历的所有的困苦都是有意义的,因为这是你要承担重任的先兆。  All the difficulties you have experienced are significant, because it is a sign that you are going to take on the task.  69、永不放弃是你梦想实现的唯一秘诀。  Never give up is the only secret of your dream to come true.  70、陪孩子读书长大是个人,给孩子观念长大后是人才。  To accompany the child to read and grow up is a person, to the child is the concept of talent.  71、我死了吗?没有,所以我不能活得像死了一样!  Am I dead? No, so I can't live like a dead one!  72、生命力的意义在于拚搏,因为世界本身就是一个竞技场。  The life significance lies in the struggle, because the world itself is an arena.  73、获致幸福的不二法门是珍视你所拥有的遗忘你所没有的。  The only proper course to take to gain happiness is to cherish what you have got and forget what you haven't.  74、乐观的人能重整旗鼓东山再起,悲观的人因缺乏自信,往往一败涂地。  Optimistic people can rally to stage a comeback, pessimistic people due to lack of confidence, often suffer a big.  75、天行健,君子以自强不息;地势坤,君子以厚德载物。  Heaven, the gentleman to unremitting self-improvement; terrain Kun, the gentleman to social commitment.  76、抱最大的希望,为最大的努力,做最坏的打算。  Hold the greatest hope for the greatest endeavor, make the worst plan.  77、试着放纵自己,却总牵绊于过多的束缚,依循着规律生活的只是一具失去灵魂的躯壳。  Try to indulge yourself, always trying to too many restrictions, to follow the law of life is a lost soul.  78、没有风浪,便没有勇敢的弄潮儿;没有荆棘,也没有不屈的开拓者。  No wind, no brave seaman; no thorns, no unyielding pioneer.  79、哪里有意志存在,哪里就会有出路。  Where there is a will, there is a way.  80、凡真心尝试助人者,没有不帮到自己的。  Where really try to help people who do not help themselves.  81、生命之灯因热情而点燃,生命之舟因拼搏而前行。  The lamp of life is lighted with passion, and the boat of life is moving forward.  82、因为没人记得住第二名所以我要努力去当第一!  Because no one can remember the second so I have to work hard when the first!  83、拼一个春夏秋冬,换一生无怨无悔。  Make a change of seasons, life no regrets.  84、谁若游戏人生,他就一事无成;谁不主宰自己,永远是一个奴隶。  Who is the game of life, he has nothing to do; who does not dominate their own, is always a slave.  85、行动未必总能带来幸福,但没有行动一定没有幸福。  Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no action must not be happy.  86、如果梦想有捷径的话那么这条路的名字一定叫坚持。  If there is a shortcut to the dream, then the name of the road must be called to adhere to.  87、在实现理想的路途中,必须排除一切干扰,特别是要看清那些美丽的诱惑。  In the realization of the ideal way, must eliminate all interference, in particular, to see those beautiful temptation.。  改编自朱东根的人气网络漫画《极度恐慌》。 展开全部


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