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  • 年份:2019地区:中国大陆类型:剧情
  • 状态:正片 / 12-03
  • 主演:白云峰,赵艺涵,王泽轩,褚阳,郝岩,闫肃,王念青,李源江
  • 导演:袁烁
  • 简介:  李朝阳是幸福里派出所的一名民警,为人热情、善良,经常运用机智化解大大小小的案1、千里之行,始于足下。  E 详细 >


  李朝阳是幸福里派出所的一名民警,为人热情、善良,经常运用机智化解大大小小的案1、千里之行,始于足下。  Every journey begins with the first step.  2、锲而不舍,金石可镂。  Perseverance, can engrave stone.  3、情人不老,我就不老。  Lover is not old, I am not old.  4、不怕路长,只怕志短。  Not afraid of the long road, but short.  5、学会选择,学会放弃。  Learn to choose, learn to give up.  6、人若有志,万事可为。  If a man has a will, all things can be.  7、相信你行,你就活力无穷。  Trust you, and you will do it.  8、向前跑,迎着冷眼和嘲笑。  Run forward, against the cold and ridicule.  9、没有伞的孩子必须努力奔跑。  No umbrella child must strive to run.  10、成功永远属于马上行动的人。  Success always belongs to those who act at once.  11、人无志向,和迷途的盲人一样。  People without ambition, and stray blindman.  12、生命是一张弓,那弓弦是梦想。  Life is a bow, the bow is a dream.  13、伟大的力量存在于我们的内心。  Great power is in our hearts.  14、含泪播种的人一定能含笑收获。  Sow in tears, harvest.  15、有志不在年高,无志空活百岁。  Where there is a will not be high, there will be hundreds of years old.  16、我之所以能,是因为我相信能。  I can, because I believe that I can.  17、雄心壮志是茫茫黑夜中的北斗星。  Ambition is the Big Dipper in the night.  18、善用内在潜能,你就是走运的人。  Use the inner potential, and you are the lucky one.  19、年轻是本钱,但不努力就不值钱。  Youth is the capital, but it is not worth the effort.  20、命运,你残忍的诉说着我的悲痛。  Fate, you are cruel to tell my grief.  21、合理安排时间,就等于节约时间。  Reasonable arrangement of time, it is equal to save time.  22、宝剑锋从磨砺出,梅花香自苦寒来。  April showers bring May flowers  23、励志是给人快乐,激励是给人痛苦。  Inspiration is to give people happiness, incentive is to give people pain.  24、不经一番彻骨寒,哪有梅花扑鼻香?  Without some biting cold, which has fragrant plum blossom?  25、每一件事都要用多方面的角度来看它。  Everything should be looked at it in many ways.  26、把你的脸迎向阳光,那就不会有阴影。  Turn your face to the sunshine, there will be no shadow.  27、没有答不了的难题,只有学不完的知识。  There is no answer to the problem, only to learn the knowledge.  28、业精于勤而荒于嬉,行成于思而毁于随。  Efficiency comes from diligence. and shortage in the play, into line with the Si and destroyed.  29、你一天的爱心可能带来别人一生的感谢。  Your day of love may bring someone else's life to thank.  30、认真是成功的秘诀,粗心是失败的伴侣。  Serious is the secret of success, carelessness is the failure of the partner.  31、成功等于目标,其他都是这句话的注解。  Success is the goal, and the other is the comment of the sentence.  32、失败也是我需要的,它和成功一样有价值。  Failure is what I need, as well as success.  33、人生不售来回票,一旦动身,绝不能复返。  Life does not sell back and forth, once leaving, never to return.  34、你必须坚强因为没有人会懂你到底有多痛。  You have to be strong because no one will know how much you hurt.  35、只有你爬到山顶了,这座山才会支撑着你。  Only when you climb to the top of the mountain, the mountain will support you.  36、最后也只是自己受折磨,这点痛又算什么。  In the end, it's just torture yourself, what's the pain.  37、永远要记得,成功的决心远胜于任何东西。  Always remember that success is more than anything.  38、与其祈求生活平淡点,不如祈求自己强大点。  Instead of praying for a better life, pray for your own strength.  39、真正的爱,在放弃个人的幸福之后才能产生。  True love, to give up the happiness of the individual to produce.  40、勤奋是你的密码,能译出你一部壮丽的史诗。  Hard work is your password, you can translate a magnificent epic.  41、目标不是都能达到的,但它可以作为瞄准点。  The goal is not all that can be achieved, but it can be used as a target.  42、据我测算,还可以退五十步,但生活只有五步。  According to my calculations, but also can take fifty steps back, but only five steps in life.  43、比我强大的人都在努力我还有什么理由不拼命。  Than I am strong people are trying to do I have any reason not to.  44、其实你不必为了昨天的眼泪,弄湿明天的阳光。  In fact, you don't have to for yesterday's tears, wet the sun tomorrow.  45、这个世界本没有路,走的人多了,有路也没有用了。  There is no way in this world, there are many people go, there is no use of the road.  46、对啊,我讨厌你,讨厌一个让我爱了那么久的你。  Yeah, I hate you, hate the one that made me love you for so long.  47、你的服软,胜过任何诺言,它告诉我,你是如此爱我。  Your clothes, more than any promise, it tells me that you love me so much.  48、第一个青春是上帝给的,第二个青春是靠自己努力的。  The first youth is God to the second youth is on their own efforts.  49、心总是在最痛时,复苏;爱总是在最深时,落下帷幕。  The heart is always in the most pain, recovery; love is always in the deepest, the curtain falls.  50、古之立大事者,不惟有超世之材,亦必有坚忍不拨之志  Li ancient events are not only the material beyond the world, there is always fortitude ambition  51、善待自己,不被别人左右,也不去左右别人,自信优雅。  Be kind to yourself, don't be left or right, don't go to other people, you are confident and elegant.  52、每个虫子都想过自力更生,但它总有千万种不去的理由。  Every bug is thought to be self reliant, but it always has a reason for not going.  53、所有的失败,与失去自己的失败比起来,更是微不足道。  All failures, compared with the loss of their own failure, are negligible.  54、现在站在什么地方不重要,重要的是你往什么方向移动。  It's not important where you stand now, it's important that you move in any direction.  55、所谓天才,只不过是把别人喝咖啡的功夫都用在工作上了。  The so-called talent, but is to put people to work on the use of coffee.  56、让珊瑚远离惊涛骇浪的侵蚀吗?那无异是将它们的美丽葬送。  The erosion of coral from the tempestuous waves? That would be their beautiful ruin.  57、用爱生活,你会使自己幸福!用爱工作,你会使很多人幸福!  Live with love, you will make your own happiness! With love, you will make a lot of people happy!  58、每一种挫折或不利的突变,是带着同样或较大的有利的种子。  Each setback or adverse mutation is a seed with the same or greater.  59、长大的岁月里,我们从未变化,只是越来越清晰的成为自己。  When we grow up, we never change, but more and more clearly.  60、把意念深潜得下,何理不可得,把志气奋发起,何事不可做。  The idea of deep down, the reason can't get, the ambition of Fen launched what not to do.。  61、我不相信没有男人的日子,女人就活不了,是女人的就顶起来。  I do not believe that there is no man's day, women can not live, is a woman on the top up.  62、有没有那么一个人,让你曾经发了疯的想,现在却拼了命的忘。  There is no such a person, let you once made a crazy thought, but now the life of the forgotten.  63、曾经试着用微笑细数你给的伤,无奈最后泪却随微笑流出眼眶。  Tried to smile if you hurt, but the final tears with eyes.  64、一个真正想成功的人是勤奋与努力的,而不是躺在床上说大话。  A truly successful person is with hard work, instead of lying in bed lying.  65、从来不跌倒不算光彩,每次跌倒后能再站起来,才是最大的荣耀。  Never fall is not glorious, can stand up again after each fall, is the greatest glory.  66、出路出路,走出去了,总是会有路的。困难苦难,困在家里就是难。  Way out, go out, there will always be a way. Difficult suffering, trapped at home is difficult.  67、别怕,就算前方的路再怎么漆黑,也会有那一束光照亮你整个世界。  Don't be afraid, even if the road ahead no matter how dark, there will be the light in your world.  68、看到别人愚蠢,就原谅自己愚蠢;看到自己愚蠢,就原谅别人愚蠢。  To see others are stupid, to forgive yourself; to see yourself stupid, to forgive others stupid.  69、别人只能给你指路,而不能帮你走路,自己的人生路,还需要自己走。  Others can only give you directions, and can not help you walk, your own way of life, but also need to go.  70、乐观是一首激昂优美的进行曲,时刻鼓舞着你向事业的大路勇猛前进。  Optimism is an impassioned and beautiful music, constantly inspires you to advance the cause of the road.  71、用骨子里的小倔强,继续着坚强挺起胸膛正视天空,不这样怎么算活着。  With the bones of small stubborn, strong chest to face the sky, not how to be alive.  72、自觉心是进步之母,自贱心是堕落之源,故自觉心不可无,自贱心不可有。  Self consciousness is the mother of progress, from the base of the heart is the source of corruption, it is not without a sense of self, from the heart can not have.  73、人生,与其不断追求而无法满足,不如先沉淀自己,看清内心深处真正的需求。  Life, and its constant pursuit and can not meet, it is better to precipitate themselves, to see the real needs of the depths of the heart.  74、把自己过得像王后,你才能吸引国王。你是怎么样的人,就会吸引什么样的人。  To live like a queen, you can attract the king. You are what kind of person, will attract what kind of person.  75、不要对挫折叹气,姑且把这一切看成是在你成大事之前,必须经受的准备工作。  Don't sigh of frustration, leaving all of this as before you into the event, must undergo preparations.  76、成功是一段路程,而非终点,所以只要在迈向成功的过程中一切顺利,便是成功。  Success is a journey, not a destination. So, as long as everything goes well in the process of success, it is a long way to go.  77、要善于套用别人的成功模式,别人的成功模式可成为一种指引,让你有方向可循。  To be good at using others' successful model, others successful model can become a guide, so you have the direction to follow.  78、生命之长短殊不重要,只要你活得快乐,在有生之年做些有意义的事,便已足够。  The length of life is not important, as long as you live happily, do something meaningful in your lifetime, then it is enough.  79、很多人的梦想和计划受挫,是有两个小问题导致的:早上起不来床,晚上下不了线。  A lot of people's dreams and plans are frustrated, there are two small problems caused by: from morning to bed, not line at night.  80、嫉妒心强烈的人,无法从自己所拥有的东西中得到乐趣,只能由他人的幸福中获得痛苦。  A person with a strong sense of jealousy, can not get pleasure from what he has, and can only be suffering from the happiness of others.。李朝阳的女朋友章青茹是一名记者,养父母在幸福里开了一家杂货店,不料一次拆迁事件,章青茹弟弟将强拆公司的大军打伤。监控视频录下章晓松并非自卫,一面是女友苦苦哀求,一面是事实真相,李朝阳选择了真相,最终两人分手。李朝阳一面想办法获取大军家属的谅解,一面积极搜寻拆迁公司的违法证据,一次对峙中为了保护章家而被大卡车撞伤,最终朝阳获得了章家和女友的原谅,同时也将违法拆迁的犯罪分子绳之于法。 展开全部


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